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Conclusions of various academic researches comparing In Vitro Antibacterial activitiy of various essential oils emphasize that Oregano Oil and its major aromatic compound Carvacrol have outstanding Minimum Inhibitory Concentration ( MIC ) against many types of gram-positive and gram negative bacteria. MIC of Oregano Oil should be considered as the comparable benchmak studying the MIC of other Essential Oils

Therefore we would like to open here a separate paranthese to our Oregano Oil which naturally contains 80% Carvacrol. It is produced from very unique , wild grown Oregano harvested from the high altitude ( nearly 1.500 meters ) mountains of the Mediteraneen costs of Turkey. It can be supplied either as Conventional or Certified Organic.

There are so many researches in literature for many different industrial applications showing antibacterial and antioxidant strength of Oregano Oil. With this regard , we are open to cooperate with potential industrial companies for supporting the development of new eco friendly antibacterial products.